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Reducing the risk and cost for RTO's

Fully compliant CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support Training and Assessment Resources

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The demands on the Individual Support workforce are more than ever


will "focus on following the 'journey' of a student." "Providers will be more accountable for redressing harm caused by non-compliance."*

*ASQA Annual Report 2017-2018

Aged Care Royal Commission

in 2018 the prime minister ordered a royal commission into the aged care industry

Amendment to the Age Care Act

new standards are being introduced and will be auditable from July 2019

ASQA High-Risk course

ASQA has identified individual support as a high risk course that special attention will be paid to

Complete Learning System


CHC33015 learning materials, learning activities, assessments and policies and procedures are integrated to form a complete learning and assessment system.

Engaging Materials

These are designed to be engaging to the learner. All content and learning activities are compliant to the Training Package 


A validation tool is supplied for each unit to demonstrate compliance with the Training Package to save hours of validation time.

RTO Support Services

Trainer support is provided to ensure trainers understand how to use the Support by SDL System.


Find answers to some of the questions that we are frequently asked by our customers.

Continuous Improvement

Each year, selected Units of Competency (UOC) are updated to assist you in your obligation for continuous improvement. A Continuous Improvement Report is also provided annually.


A range of electronic resources are available. Please contact us for further details

Classroom Teaching Resources

Free PowerPoint teaching resources come as part of the System.

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