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Skin Deep Learning (SDL) has become the market leader for fully compliant SHB Hairdressing and Beauty Training and Assessment resources.  These resources won the 2018 Educational Publishing Awards Australia category sector for most Outstanding VET resources and the overall winner of Outstanding resources for the whole of tertiary education. 

The resources have been accredited by the Right Way program through SkillsIQ and have now been through over 70 audits with no non-compliances to date.

The SDL team has now started to create resources for the CHC33015 - Certificate 3 in Individual Support.  This new and exciting product is known as SUPPORT by SDL.

"Our SHB resources have been through over 70 audits with no non-compliances!"

EPAA 2018 Teriary Outstanding Award
APAA 2018 Category Winner

Skin Deep Learning is Right Way accredited

SSA Right way training resources stamp

Dr Ian Griffiths has served as the Chair of Skin Deep Learning PTY LTD since 2015. During this time Dr Griffiths was the CEO of a Cooperative Research Centre (CRC).  Much of the research conducted through the CRC was focused on clinical care issues within Aged Care and Community Care.  Dr Griffiths has a deep and long-standing interest in the sector and its workforce. 


“I see affordable high-quality Aged Care and Retirement living as one of the great challenges facing Australia in the next 2 decades, creating an empowered workforce is going to be a critical part of the solution.”