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When you unpack the SUPPORT by SDL System, it will come in two parts: the Assessor Pack and the Student Pack.

You can take a look at some excerpts below or click here to order a FREE Unit of Competency.

In the Assessor Pack you will find the following:

Validation Tool

An easy to use tool that maps the Training Package requirements back to the observation forms, assessments, learning materials, learning activities, and policies and procedures.

Knowledge Questions - Marking Guide

These are designed to be assessed prior to carrying out the practical assessments, so that the student has the knowledge required to complete the practical assessment safely and competently. These are targeted to stimulate short and accurate answers rather than open 'essay' style responses.

Practical Assessments - Marking Guide

These assessments are designed to assess the Elements and Performance Criteria and Performance Evidence of the Training Package. The student is usually required to answer a series of questions to demonstrate an underlying understanding of the practical task.

Observation Forms

These should be used in conjunction with the practical assessments to provide evidence of observed competency.

Policies and Procedures

The Training Package often requires the student to interpret particular workplace policies and procedures. SUPPORT by SDL provides all policies and procedures required by the Training Package. The Policies and Procedures are used for students to reference in learning activities and assessments. The Policies and Procedures are for student learning purposes only.

Classroom Teaching Resources

Free classroom teaching resources in PowerPoint format are included to enhance the classroom experience. These resources follow the learning materials and provide animated graphics that can help further expand on theoretical concepts.

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In the Student Pack you will find the following:

Learning Materials

All of the content found in the learning materials is compliant to the Training Package and is referenced in the Validation Tool.  The learning materials are presented in an engaging format for the student demographic.

Knowledge Questions

These are the same as the knowledge questions in the Assessor Pack but have spaces where the student can write. Short accurate answers can be obtained from reading the learning materials and completing the activities in the learning materials.

Practical Assessments

These assessments are designed to assess competency for the Elements and Performance Criteria and Performance Evidence of the Training Package. Designed to be assessed in a simulated environment to give students practical experience prior to placements. The student is usually required to answer a series of questions in order to demonstrate evidence of an underlying knowledge of the practical task.

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*Please note each of the samples are a small excerpt to demonstrate the style and content of the SUPPORT by SDL documents.